Saturday, 21 November 2009

Jamie Fowkes

Jamie Fowkes, Hobbs Moat Lane Church, 2009

I predominantly produce paintings from fabricated buildings or structures that I find interesting. The buildings or structures are fabricated by recreating them out of everyday objects and materials such as cardboard, foil and found objects. These models serve as the subject matter for my paintings.

The models that I make are not exact recreations of real buildings or structures. Recently I have been interested in creating paintings from models I have made from 1960’s – 70’s buildings, such as shopping centres, car parks and churches. My process of painting results in my paintings of such buildings to be ‘Baroque’ in style, which is very different from the actual buildings, that are rigid and in ornate.

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  1. Great work Jamie. James and I both loved your work. You're a talented chap! See you around in the studio sometime.